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DLC seeks to provide the best in diagnostic medicine in accordance with the best standard practice the world over

Medical Screening Services

Scientific Research And Public

Health Education

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Medical Screening services

Primarily, DLC provides medical screening services to public/private junior and senior high school, university colleges, corporate institutions, religious bodies and social groupings. The medical screening include screening for conditions such as Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, Sickle cell disease, syphilis, blood grouping, diabetes, body mass index, body vitals, eye screening and other specially requested tests. Eg. Liver function tests, Renal Function test, Hormones, etc.

dream laboratory consult medical screening services

Scientific Research and Public health education


Periodically, scientific researches are conducted in the course of the operations of DLC. Scientific investigations and publications are made on findings of medical screening exercises in target communities under appropriate ethical considerations. DLC also provides education on health issues of public concern to our clients.

dream laboratory consult scientific research and public health education

Consultancy Services

DLC also provides consultancy and project management services as it is related to overseeing the on-going development of a specialised medical study. We advise our clients on how to minimise these issues resulting in fewer regulatory issues. With the experience built from each project, we are in the right position to advise our clients on similar projects.


dream laboratory consult consultancy services

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