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Dream Laboratory Consult (DLC) is a limited liability company born out of the need to use outreach in expanding medical care to various communities and establishments that are not in close proximity to established health facilities. Communal settings such as schools, corporate institutions, religious groupings and many other social groupings form a very essential part of social interaction and development. There is a constant human to human interaction amongst individuals within these settings. Hence, there is a high risk of transferring communicable diseases amongst these group of individuals. There is therefore the need for persons within these environments to be periodically screened for communicable diseases and also be educated on  common health issues that are relevant to their work, status or operations.  In line with this, DLC is motivated by the need to adequately satisfy the medical screening needs of schools as part of their admission process and for corporate institutions as well. Such medical screening for schools (especially boarding schools) and corporate institutions, though practiced in some areas, still requires more competent avenues for such a specialized medical process.  Besides, medical screening, though very important, it is still very unpopular among schools and institutions in many parts of Ghana: especially in private/public high schools and private institutions though captured in the breakdown of school fees for public high schools by Ghana Education Service (GES). The few schools that request medical screening of their students require that they obtain the service from health facilities mostly located outside the school premises. These students are mostly left at the mercy of quack health professionals who exploit them. Some students and new recruits who are fortunate to access hospitals and clinics also have to pay exorbitant amounts. More so, such established health facilities treat these screening exercises as secondary issues and do not commit much attention to these clients. DLC comes in to provide a team of qualified mobile professionals that carry out a sustainable and periodic health check-up of individuals of these communal settings and groups, to ensure a healthy environment, uninterrupted academic activities in schools and increase in productivity of corporate institutions. The mobile nature of this service can ensure every school in Ghana and corporate institution can benefit from this initiative right from the comfort of their establishments.

DLC is based in the central region of Ghana even though our services spread across the country. Primarily, our services include medical screening and laboratory consultancy services to high schools and university colleges in and around the central region as a part of their admission processes. DLC also provides these services for corporate institutions, religious bodies and any social groupings. We also augment the laboratory services of hospitals and other medical facilities as and when necessary in the areas we are located. DLC also provides consulting and project management services in areas of our services. DLC provides education on health issues of public concern to our clients for free.

DLC is managed by its directors occupying the roles of Chief executive Officer (CEO), Directors of programs and media relations and Director of human resource. Management include graduates of the University of Cape Coast with Bachelor’s degree honours in Medical Laboratory Technology. They are also members of the Ghana Association of Biomedical Laboratory Scientists and are licensed medical laboratory scientists by the Allied Health Professions Council of Ghana.




 ‘Top finalist’ ENGINE business plan competition and entrepreneurship development program by TECHNOSERVE, Ghana and Sponsored by UKAID

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We have envisioned to become an internationally acclaimed health service provider.


DLC’s mission is to provide comprehensive and state-of-art medical laboratory services in the central region and ultimately nationwide

Led by our CEO, we presented this citation to commemorate therelationship between Dream Laboratory Consult and Abundant Grace Academy 

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